Your hard work has paid off and your reward is finally here.  It is time for you to own your own HOME!  We specialize in finding creative solutions for hard-working people, even if...

  • Your credit is bad, or even ugly (We've seen worse!)
  • You don't have much money for a down payment (no problem)

Why rent, when you can own?

The real cost of renting: at $700 per month with a 6% rental increase per year, you will pay $110,719 over a 10 

year period.

Own your Home now!

Plan of Action for the Purchase of Your New Home:

  • We will explore your needs, wants and dreams
  • You will meet with the lender to obtain the financing and pre-approval
  • Search the inventory for homes available
  • We will preview homes that meet your criteria
  • We'll go out shopping and buying
  • We will write and negotiate the best offer
  • You participate in the inspection
  • Sign your loan documents and bring in your funds for closing
  • We meet at the settlement table
  • You receive the keys to YOUR New Home!!!